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Test Machines

Even thoguh quality control is an integral part of a complete production process (such as Poke-Yoke), the end product often has to be inspected and tested separately with numerous tests and measurements.


  • Functional testing

  • Electric parameter testing

  • Leak Testing

  • Resistance, force, noise measurement



NOVEXIM designs and builds different Measurement and Test Machines since 1998 with specific focus on developing and building Leak Testers. Our testing equipments meet all production test requirements of our diverse customers' profiles in the assembly process of air-brakes and valves.



We have developed testers for different purposes: 


  • Testers for “Good - No good” decision in the process of assembly 

  • Testers for mobile use 

  • Testers with higher accuracy used for type specific testing, or flexible testers, suitable for testing different types of brakes (Multi-Type Testers) 

  • Testers with high accuracy, multi-type testing, storage of the measured data, statistics, etc. 

  • Functional Testers




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