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Industrial Robotics

One of our main profile is the integration of Industrial Robots to our assembly systems or to existing assembly lines. We provide industrial robotics solution ranging from high precision electronic component placement to the pick and place of heavy (20kg) parts. We integrate all three types of industrial robots: SCARA, Cartesian (XYZ), and Humanoid robots.


On the assembly lines, the positioning and moving of the parts is mostly done by industrial robots and pick & place units equipped with intelligent end effectors and grippers. We and our partners design and integrate turn key solutions as well as retrofitting and updating existing systems to suit the needs of the new requirements of our clients.


Such robotics systems are designed and built from Bosch-Rexroth, SMC, FESTO, FANUC, TOSHIBA, and other manufacturers' products.

TM Robotics Europe Partnership


The variety and capabilities of TOSHIBA robots provide the solution for difficult and sophisticated assembly procedures. TOSHIBA robots have an outstanding positioning repeatability (as low as 0.01 mm) and a low standard cycle time (0.4-0.5 sec / cycle depending on the load). We are the official Hungarian distributor of TOSHIBA Robots. 

Vision Systems


Based on our customer's requirement, we can equip our machinery with vision systems, extending its capabilities that offers endless possibilities.

TOSHIBA Scara robot 1
TOSHIBA Scara robot 2
XYZ Robot
Industrial Vision System