Creativity is the motor of development

NOVEXIM Industrial Technologies

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Industrial Robotics
Special Machinery
Test Machines
Vibratory Feeders
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About us

We design, manufacture and install automatized assembly lines, test machines, industrial robotic solutions for the automotive, electronics and medical industries. 


Working in a rapidly changing environment, we face new and more complex challenges every day. Our job is to find unique and cutting edge solutions, which meet the ever-higher requirements of our worldwide clients. 


We believe that innovation is what moves the world around and creativity is the motor of development.



Assembly Automation


Industrial Robotics


  • Robotic Cells

  • Integration to Assembly Lines

  • Pick and Place High Speed Robots

  • Heavy Duty Pick and Place and Pallettizing Robots

  • Vision System Controlled Robots

Special Machinery


  • Roll Formers

  • Riveting and Screw Driving Machines

  • Cold Forming Machines

  • Injection moulding assist mahine

  • Industrial Ovens

  • Industrial Washing Machines



Test Machines


  • Leak Testers

  • Functional Testers

  • Vision System test machines

  • Parametric Testers

  • Integration to Assembly Lines




Vibratory Feeders


  • Bowl Feeders

  • Linear Feeders

  • Integration to Assembly Lines

  • Any material, Size and Shape

  • Integration to Existing Machinery






Transport Systems


  • Automated Transport Systems

  • Gravitational Transport Systems

  • Custom Made Transport Systems

  • Transport System for Corrosive and Harsh Environment